BRAM Technologies (BRoadcast AutoMation Technologies) was established in 2009. The main activity of BRAM Technologies is the development of digital (information) systems in the field of television and the construction of broadcasting and production complexes on their basis. In the list of our developments: More than 20 years of experience in creating television systems ( experts of company have been developing since 1999) allows us to say that the main characteristics of our products are at the level of leading world manufacturers. Systems are constantly being improved, but we pay special and vigilant attention in our work to the functionality and reliability of our products. The high quality and excellent characteristics of our systems have been appreciated by more than seven hundred television companies in Russia and abroad. Most users operate more than one of our systems, and many turn to us again and again, implementing programs to switch to tapeless technologies. The BRAM Technologies team consists of specialists with many years of experience in the field of television, which allows us to develop systems that satisfy the requirements of television companies and build on their basis broadcast and production complexes of any complexity. As a manufacturer of equipment, we always have the opportunity to carry out the necessary improvements and implement the full adaptation of our systems to work technology. All users of BRAM Technologies products are provided with high-quality, almost lifetime, technical support. Software and hardware updates, consultations and recommendations on the most efficient use of our systems are an integral part of the support program. We hope that our developments and our experience will help you achieve your goals, whether it be the introduction of a digital archive or the construction of a multi-channel broadcast complex. We are always glad to cooperate!