LLC “Research and Production Association“ Perspective ” (LLC“ NPO “Perspective”) was founded in 2015. NPO Perspektiva LLC was established with the aim of studying the market for domestic television and radio equipment and software manufacturers, organizing testing of equipment, participating in the creation of radio complexes on the basis of equipment from Russian manufacturers, with subsequent participation in promoting the best integrated solutions not only in Russia and CIS countries, but also in world markets. The main activity of NPO Perspektiva LLC was the implementation of scientific activities on the replacement of imported television and radio equipment used in television and radio broadcasting with domestic analogs, as well as the search, development and promotion of television and radio equipment in the domestic and international markets in the field of media production. Currently, the Company offer the implementation of projects in the television and radio production market based on the developments of Russian manufacturers of equipment and software, as well as system integration of projects using equipment and software of foreign and Russian production. Professional equipment and software from Russian manufacturers make it possible to build a fully functional on-air complex that provides a full cycle of work on the production of television and radio programs in live broadcasting, as well as a video and audio recording system, storage and processing of content. An important advantage for our customers is the low cost of projects and further maintenance of the complex. The Company also provides services for the preparation and maintenance of goods and services of Russian Companies in the field of television and radio for export.