The company «System House Business Partners» is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of video encoding and transmission equipment. Over the past few years, our company has successfully developed and brought to the market a number of advanced products based on the innovative h.265 codec. Our company’s solutions were appreciated by leading Russian television companies: VGTRK, TVC, NTV, Channel 1. Our products are: Emerlink Video - a portable terminal for transmitting live video over wireless and wired networks; Emerlink Stream - the main encoder capable of working both on guaranteed and non-guaranteed channels without loss of quality and stability; Emerlink Splicer - a digital regional frame system with the function of seamless insertion of a live stream; Emerlink Pro is a system for combining and balancing incoming Internet streams to provide a wide and stable channel for data transfer. In addition to production, considerable attention is paid to integration activities. Our team of professionals has many complex and non-standard projects. Our specialization is high-quality video delivery over wireless networks from anywhere in the world. A dynamically developing area is the installation and integration of LED surfaces and video walls.