Awarding of the winners of the Competition “Pervyi Shag” (“The First Step”)

According to the results of the scientific research and technology competition “First Step”, the Association of Television and Radio Equipment and Software Manufacturers and Integrators awarded the following prizes in cash:

🔹2nd place SKB Svyaz (TUSUR, Tomsk) – cash prize 500,000 rubles💪

🔸3rd place IRS and U (SFU Taganrog) – cash prize 300 000 rubles👍

🔸3rd place DiViLab (TUSUR Tomsk) – cash prize 300 000 rubles👌


Guys, we congratulate you! 💪 You are great! 👏
Your first step has been taken, go ahead to your goals and conquer new horizons! Good luck to you!