Teletext and subtitles from BRAM Technologies

BRAM Technologies has developed its own solutions for captioning television broadcasts in connection with the entry into force of Law No. 380-FZ, which stipulates better access to television broadcasts for people with limited limited perception of sound information.

Subtitle Editor is a subtitle editor that allows you to create new subtitle files and edit existing ones. To implement ready-made subtitles, you need either an Azimuth video server or other third-party equipment.
Teletext Editor – this software allows you to create header pages from scratch or based on a pre-prepared template and work with multiple groups of pages. You will also need an Azimuth video server to work.
To implement teletext and subtitles in the broadcast content, BRAM Technologies has two solutions:

1. Classic Azimuth-VS video server

2. Specialized teletext server Azimuth-TT

You can read more about the benefits of our editors and how to display teletext and subtitles on the air in our article posted in the November issue of MediaVision (2019).