President of AMТR spoke about the plans of the new Associatio

Elman Imamkuliev, head of the newly created the National Association of manufacturers and integrators of TV and radio equipment and software (AMТR), told Tele-Sputnik about the tasks and plans of the industry union. Elman Imamkuliev is a professional participant in the television and radio equipment market: he heads the company-supplier of equipment and integrated solutions for the video industry in Russia and the CIS “System House“ Business Partners ”. It is the «System House Business Partners” that its CEO calls the initiator of the association. “Year after year, together with a number of companies, we will organize a stand of Russian manufacturers at the IBC exhibition. We have formed a small circle of participants who are ready to consolidate efforts for the development of our industry. As a result, we have united in the framework of the association” said the President of the AMТR.

He added that the founders of the union, in addition to the «System House Business Partners”, were “friends and like-minded people”: the companies “Trakt”, “Perspective” and “AAB Technology”.

First of all, goals and objectives of Members of Association are the consolidation of the positions of manufacturers and integrators and the creation of a unified environment for effective cooperation. According to Elman Imamkuliyev, the Association will facilitate the communication of technical directors of the industry, improve the existing regulatory framework, create a pool of trusted counterparties, and finally, exchange experience within the industry.

For this, the participants of the AMТR intend to form an expert council of the association.

So far, there are founding companies in its composition, since the initiators of the creation of the AMТR by the current moment have only completed all the necessary registration procedures.

“We are starting to attract new members, negotiations are underway to join with more than ten different Russian companies,” the president of the industry association explained. Answering a question about the possibility of participation in the association of foreign vendors of television and radio equipment and software, Elman Imamkuliev said that at the moment membership in the union is planned only for domestic manufacturers, but the creators of the AMТR “will be glad to exchange experience and assistance from foreign colleagues.”

In addition to Russian manufacturers, government agencies and organizations are also waiting for the Association. “The Association is extremely interested in cooperation with government bodies and structures and is already taking its first steps in this direction. The other day, a cooperation agreement will be signed with the Russian Export Center. The format of interaction with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Communications is being developed” said the head of the AMТR.

Speaking about the possibility of the association working to create conditions for localizing the production of television and radio equipment of foreign companies in the Russian Federation, Elman Imamkuliev stressed that to date there has not been a single similar president in the industry. “I believe that it is necessary to consider each specific case individually and, depending on this, make a decision,” the president of the association concluded.

Earlier, Tele-Sputnik reported that the companies acting as the founders of APRP are suppliers and integrators of equipment for television and radio broadcasters. So, CJSC “Trakt” is a full-cycle system integrator, as well as a manufacturer of studio equipment and components, auxiliary units and technological furniture. NPO Perspektiva was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of VGTRK for import substitution of television equipment and the development of common standards in this area. It was assumed that the NGO “Perspective” will offer TV companies servers, communication and lighting equipment, special software and other solutions. “AAB Technology” is engaged in the production of communication equipment.


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